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Master of Business Administration | Master's Degree Programme in Risk Management and Circular Economy

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Master of Business Administration | Master's Degree Programme in Risk Management and Circular Economy


This Master's programme aims to enable you to apply the ideas of circular economy and risk management into your professional work. You start the process with Designing new products and services by thinking about the whole life cycle and sustainability, from cradle-to-cradle. The accommodating the principles of circular economy to the current infrastructure, industrial processes, structures and products, requires not only innovative thinking but also the management of risks.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) has a pivotal role in ensuring safe and sustainable products and services for the end-users and it enables experts from all fields to collaborate and learn from each other. The curriculum combines innovative teaching methods, network of experts and international atmosphere in order to bring people, skills and ideas together to meet the need for sustainability.

Study objectives 

The degree complies with the criteria set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and competences. The degree gives a qualification for a public appointment where a Master's degree is required.

Circular economy challenges the traditional view of industrial processes, where processes and services are seen as linear processes. Closing the loops requires thorough thinking of how to replace materials and processes in safe and sustainable ways. You will become familiar with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a tool for improving existing products and services and on the other hand, a tool for integrating sustainable design with new products and services. Reuse and recycling of materials requires expertise in material handling and understanding the risks involved with harmful chemicals and physical properties.

Cross-curricular themes, risk management and circular economy, are revisited during all courses. Cradle-to-cradle thinking is supported by the use of LCA software that will be used throughout the studies in order to bring quantitative measures needed in management and monitoring. Engineering solutions are seen only as one component in solving the challenges in circular economy. In order to apply tested technical solutions, communication and skills in leadership are needed. Global megatrends are the context for the studies, where social, economical and ecological dimensions are considered together.

The degree programme is worth 60 credits with emphasis on studies required to develop and innovate safe and sustainable products, processes and services with management of risks. The study time is 1.5 years, containing five intensive study weeks (four days per week). You need to be present at the intensive weeks. In addition, you need to plan time on learning online - and to think.

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Separate application period for Master's Programmes.

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