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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering | full-time studies

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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering | full-time studies


This degree programme is designed to educate internationally oriented environmental engineering professionals. Our graduates find their working places from many different fields, examples for work opportunities vary from soil and grounwater remediation and environmental monitoring to different management duties. Field of employers interested in our graduates is diverse, ranging everything between regional and state environmental administrations, private companies and NGOs.

After graduating as a Bachelor of Engineering you will:

  • Be able to design and implement surveys and field studies involving environmental monitoring and remediation, form evidence-based conclusions and make suggestions for further actions.
  • Be able to steer different processes of industrial and public production and services in a sustainable manner.
  • Have skills and competence to construct and develop quality, environmental and sustainability management systems for organisations.
  • Know how to monitor emissions into air, water and soil, treat and monitor contaminated soils, wastewater or water, and carry out environmental sampling and analyses in field and laboratory.

Studying in an international atmosphere gives you unique possibilities to gain the confidence to work in different working environments, both as a team member and independently, all around the world.

In the optional professional studies, you can achieve advanced knowledge and skills for working towards your personal career goals. Close collaboration with the Tampere University, enables you to choose free choice and other professional courses from a wider selection.

Koulutuksen sisältö

The build-up of your skills and competences is divided into four annual themes:

First year: During the first study year, you start to create a strong foundation in natural sciences, understanding the structure and function of the environment, and applying environmental thinking in engineering. You will gain and apply basic skills in environmental sampling and analyses, and be conversant with the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes. You will achieve the competence to work as an assistant in simple, routine environmental monitoring and management duties.

Second year: The second study year is devoted to strengthening general engineering skills and gaining skills in environmental engineering and management practices. You will have the competence to assist under supervision in monitoring and management projects in the environmental engineering industry. You will become familiar with waste management, environmental emissions, environmental monitoring, and industrial processes. You will also be well informed about occupational health and safety regulations and other working life tools, and will thus be ready to start your practical training.

Third year: During the third study year you continue deepening your environmental engineering skills and building competence in project work and practical environmental engineering tasks. You will have the competence to work as a team member in environmental monitoring and management projects and various jobs in the environmental engineering industry. It is possible and recommended to complete the second part of your practical training abroad. You will be capable of applying and deepening your knowledge and skills in practical areas of working life.

Fourth year: The fourth study year is time for advancing your competence in selected study modules and preparing yourself for working life challenges. This is the last study year, after which you will have the competence to monitor and report on environmental quality (air, water, soil) for industry and public administration bodies. You will be competent to work in an international environment, develop industrial processes in environmental monitoring, and carry out environmental management and development tasks. You will gain specialised expertise in some field of energy and environmental engineering, and will be capable of developing the field for a company or organisation.


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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering, Insinööri (AMK)

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

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