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Bachelor of Business Administration | European Business Administration | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Business Administration | European Business Administration | full-time studies

European Business Administration (EBA) is a unique bachelor-level degree programme which Metropolia offers in cooperation with its European partner universities.  After two years at home institution, you will study your third year at our partner university, complete your fourth year at home or abroad, and be awarded with a double-degree: one Bachelor degree from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the other from the partner institution. For this reason, the actual number of credits to be earned is 240 ECTS, instead of 210 ECTS.

The EBA degree programme gives you the general knowledge as well as the practical tools required in tomorrow's business life. Upon graduation, you can demonstrate good hands-on business know-how and practical skills, i.e. a true asset for international companies in Finland and abroad. In addition to strong business substance, this programme puts a lot of emphasis on self-development, communication and language skills, multicultural skills, as well as team and ICT skills. This is a combination which enables you to perform successfully, yet with a sustainability mindset, in the changing business environments no matter where in the world.

The first two years take place at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, on its Myyrmäki campus in Vantaa. Solid business understanding and a business-oriented mindset begin to develop.  You will learn the key contents of business fields such as marketing, accounting, economics, human resource management, and business law. The European Union and its role, as well as the various functions of a company, will become familiar to you. You also learn many practical tools you'll need in real business life.

On a solid business and economics background for all, you build your individual specialisation portfolio by choosing one of our partner universities as your study destination for the third year. The offering and the set up of the programme vary across the ten partner institutions. In all cases, the level of studies remains the same. At the partner university, you can explore your options in depth; accounting, finance, marketing, or (human resources) management.

Currently, the double degree partners for the EBA programme are: University of Hertfordshire (UK), University of Wolverhampton (UK), Berlin School of Economics and Law/HWR Berlin (Germany), HTW Berlin (Germany), FH Muenster (Germany), HfT Stuttgart (Germany), IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria), ESC La Rochelle (France), as well as ESC Rennes (France).

Writing a bachelor's thesis allows you to research a topic or a field of particular interest. The topic may arise during/from the work placement we encourage you to do abroad, thus enriching your international profile. Work placement is a great opportunity to both learn from and contribute to an organisation's operations and work community, ideally in the field you wish to specialize in.

The work load for this degree programme is 240 ECTS, due to its full year of studies (60 ECTS) at a partner university abroad. Like all bachelor degree programmes, the EBA includes work placement (30 ECTS) and a bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS). As for Electives, they are included in the year abroad, mainly.


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Bachelor of Business Administration, Tradenomi (AMK)

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu

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