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Bachelor of Health Care | Registered Nurse | full-time

3,5 years
Fall semester
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Full time
AMK-tutkinnot, päiväopinnot

Bachelor of Health Care | Registered Nurse | full-time

Bachelor of Health Care

Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

After having completed the nursing studies you will be a competent and skilled nursing expert. You will have extensive knowledge of nursing; you will master the required concepts, methods and skills to enable critical assessment and decision-making in changing and unpredictable nursing situations.

During your studies you will learn to be in charge of professional work or projects as well as to work in expert jobs in the field of nursing.  You will also learn to assess your own skills and the skills and development of other people and teams. 

Content of Studies

The degree studies are full-time studies and attendance is required in part of the courses. The study methods include eg contact lessons, distance and independent studies, eLearning and internship as well as RDI work. Internship periods are full-time studies and attendance is required.

Versatile methods are used in this education, eg. skills workshops and simulation. The guiding principles in nursing education are intercourse between theory and practice, contact lessons and independent studying both by oneself and in teams as well as learning in different expert cultures. The student takes an active role in the studies.

Career Opportunities

You can work as a nursing expert e.g. at health clinics, in hospital wards and home care services. In addition, care and health care companies, special health care outpatient clinics, wards and operating theatres as well as mental health clinics can be your future employers. You can also have an international career or become an entrepreneur.


Eligibility to apply for higher education studies can be obtained with a degree or qualification completed outside Finland, which gives eligibility for higher education in the awarding country (e.g. a high school diploma, an upper general certificate of education, a higher secondary school certificate).

All eligible applicants are required to complete the pretask without specific invitation. Pretask tests also applicants’ proficiency in written English.

Tutkinto / todistus

Bachelor of Health Care, Registered Nurse


For non-EU/EEA students tuition fee for Bachelor studies is 5000 euros per academic year.

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