Bachelor Health Care | Nursing | full-time studies

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Bachelor Health Care | Nursing | full-time studies

In the autumn of 2022 starts a new degree programme in Nursing. It gives you an opportunity to study both nursing and Finnish language!

In the beginning, the studies will mostly be conducted in English, with Finnish language teaching gradually taking over. During the studies, the Finnish language skills are improved, and by the time of graduation you will have reached the sufficient language proficiency in order to work in Finland as a nurse.

During the studies, you can start your Finnish language studies from the beginning or continue them from the level you are now. The goal is that by the end of studies you will have reached reference level B2 – C1. You will study Finnish on courses, in clinical practice and in peer groups.

The nursing profession

The nursing profession requires competence in professional interaction and communication, empathy, as well as a careful and responsible work attitude. If you are persevering and have strong problem-solving skills, the profession of registered nurse (RN) is suitable for you.

With the degree of registered nurse, you can be easily employed both nationally and internationally. You are able to work in hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, home hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or in the private or community sector. You can also work as an entrepreneur.

The degree gives qualifications in accordance with EU directives, which enables you to seek a career in interesting and demanding duties both nationally and internationally.

Study contents

The curriculum of the Degree Programme in Nursing is based on EU directives and national guidelines regarding the competence of nurses responsible for general care (180 ECTS credits), including common competence areas of the University of Applied Sciences. The competence areas are included in the different modules and courses.

Various situations of clinical nursing and patient education are practiced during the studies. Modern simulation and learning facilities, with up-to-date equipment, enable the creation of realistic learning environments.

Core competence

  • Basics of clinical nursing
  • Health promotion
  • Clinical nursing
  • Clinical practice
  • Language and communication studies
  • Evidence-based nursing
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Core competence includes Finnish courses 1-3.

The complementary competence includes the development of professionalism, clinical practice and optional studies. It also includes Finnish courses 4-5.

In optional studies you can choose from various courses including innovation, entrepreneurship and data management.

Career opportunities

Registered nurses are employed by social and health care organizations, associations or the private sector.

Your workplace may be in a hospital inpatient ward, policlinic, surgical ward, home care, various rehabilitation and nursing homes, or health care clinics.

Registered nurses can also work in development tasks or as entrepreneurs. The employment rate of registered nurses is high and there are substantial employment opportunities both nationally and internationally.


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Bachelor of Health Care (nursing)

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Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu – Xamk

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