Bachelor of Engineering | Industrial Management | full-time

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Bachelor of Engineering | Industrial Management | full-time

The Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management programme develops highly skilled technology industry experts who also focus on service-oriented business and production in industrial framework.

The duties of an industrial management graduate fall within the fields of industrial engineering and business management. For example, supply chain management, project management, business operations, sales engineering, and other industrial-related activities. Graduates understand product-orientated and service-oriented business models and have the knowledge and skill to design new products and services, based on the customers’ needs.

Besides traditional engineering skills, Industrial Management students study Internet of Things (IoT). IoT studies give students an understanding on how to produce, store and analyze data and how to implement data to new products and business models. Data also gives an understanding of products’ life cycle. Graduating engineers are also familiar with environmental issues and Circular Economy (CE) and are able to consider these issues in decision-making.

In addition to acquiring industrial engineering know-how, an important part of the programme is developing leadership skills and international competence, learning how to operate effectively in a variety of interpersonal networks, and cultivating communication, social, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The goal is to educate high-quality team players instead of individual autonomous workers.

Thanks to their excellent management and project management skills, graduated Industrial Management engineers can raise their business to the next level!

This programme has strong roots in the North Savo region. Engineers have been educated here since 1886. This means that the programme is highly networked with local businesses.

Content of studies

During the studies, students gather the knowledge and skill on how to transform customers’ requirements into products and services. This is done by studying product-service system, Internet of Things and procurement management.

In addition, engineers need good basic skills and knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences, product design, product development and manufacturing technology. That is why these areas have a big role in the programme during the first and second year of studies. These areas provide a strong basis for professional competencies in Industrial Management.

Project management and project working skills are emphasized in the programme each academic year. Students learn the principles and methods of managing processes, projects and change. A typical study method in Industrial Management programme is project working. In projects, students learn both engineering skills and real-life working life skills. They include e.g. good interpersonal and communication skills required when working on global projects with people representing a wide range of nationalities and cultures. Simultaneously, students acquire skills how to manage different types of networks which is also an essential skill for a future technology industry expert.

Career possibilities

The degree programme qualifies engineers to work in high technology companies leading and managing international technology projects. The duties of an industrial management graduate fall within the fields of mechanical engineering and business management.

Possible job titles are:

  • Project Engineer, Project Manager, Project Director
  • Quality Engineer, Quality Coordinator, Quality Manager
  • Purchasing Engineer, Purchasing Manager, Warehouse Manager
  • Production Planner, Production Manager
  • Development Engineer, RD Engineer
  • Business Advisor, Consultant, Trainer, CEO
  • Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager


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