Bachelor of Health Care | Nursing | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Health Care | Nursing | full-time studies

Nursing education gives you qualifications to work as an expert in different areas of health care, e.g. in primary health care, hospital, private services, third sector organizations or as an entrepreneur. Finnish nursing degree is highly valued and provides good opportunities for working and being employed also internationally.

The goal of the education is to train health care professionals so that a graduating nurse responsible for general nursing care knows how to promote and maintain the health of the population, to prevent illnesses and to provide evidence-based nursing care comprehensively for clients and patients of all ages and suffering from different illnesses, and to alleviate the suffering of the patients and their close ones.

A nurse masters the comprehensive and advanced knowledge of his/her own field, which includes critical understanding and evaluation of the theories, central concepts, methods and principles. A nurse understands the scope and limits of professional duties and/or discipline. A nurse masters advanced cognitive and practical skills that show issues management, ability to apply and ability to come up with creative solutions and realizations to solve complex or unpredictable problems. A nurse works independently in expert duties in the field and in international cooperation or as an entrepreneur. A nurse is capable of managing complex professional tasks or projects. A nurse is capable of decision-making in unpredictable environments. Besides being responsible for the evaluation and development of his/her own professional competence, a nurse is responsible for the development of individual persons and groups. A nurse has readiness for lifelong learning. A nurse acts with different people in work and study surroundings as well as in other groups and networks by paying attention to communal and ethical viewpoints. A nurse knows how to communicate orally and in writing both for his/her own and for external community in their mother tongue. A nurse communicates and interacts in the second national language and is capable of international communication and interaction in his/her own field at least in one foreign language.

Nurses have several possibilities for career advancement. You can study to become a nurse in Finnish and English degree programmes. In the Finnish degree programme you can choose courses also from the English degree programme. In the English degree programme you can choose courses from the Finnish degree programme as well. Graduate students have given good feedback on the quality of teaching, teaching arrangements and the professional skills of the teachers in the degree programme in nursing.

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Bachelor of Health Care, Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulun löydät länsirannikolta meren ääreltä ja Kokemäenjoen rannalta. Neljällä paikkakunnalla voit opiskella yli 30 koulutuksessa. SAMKin modernit kampukset luovat mahtavan pohjan käytännönläheiselle opiskelulle. Jokaisella alalla tehdään paljon yritysyhteistyötä erilaisissa projekteissa, joissa pääset ratkomaan aitoja työelämän ongelmia soveltamalla teoriaa käytäntöön....

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