Bachelor of Engineering | Mechanical and Sustainability | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Engineering | Mechanical and Sustainability | full-time studies

A degree from the Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering programme qualifies you to work as a modern-day engineer, who focuses on sustainable and digital solutions for a carbon neutral tomorrow. In this bachelor’s degree programme, engineering, sustainability and digitalisation have been merged together to benefit our society. You will learn how to design, develop and analyse smart and sustainable products by selecting the right engineering materials.

Arcada’s engineers put their skills to work in the production laboratory, a hub for design and development where students can fully utilise our equipment for innovations. You will develop competencies on the overall processes, starting from characterising the material properties to developing products using both conventional and state-of-of the art manufacturing technologies, with the ethics of safety as a cornerstone of your studies.

At Arcada we take pride in our teaching culture with the teachers giving you personal guidance and feedback throughout your studies. This is something our students and alumni keep highlighting as one of the top advantages of studying at Arcada.

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Separate application period to English Bachelor and Master.

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Bachelor of Engineering, Insinööri (AMK)



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