Bachelor of Culture and Arts | Fine Arts | part-time studies

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Bachelor of Culture and Arts | Fine Arts | part-time studies

The programme is low-recidency, which means that students can live anywhere in the world. Independently of this, it is mandatory to visit Finland to get the original version(s) of previous degree certificate(s) checked and to strengthen one’s personal identity during your studies. A few contact studies will be held in Campus Allegro in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari in Finland, depending on the corona-pandemic.

To study visual arts and to work in the liberal arts. The degree provides you with qualifications to carry out artistic commissions and projects. The teaching focuses on your individual creative thinking and artistic creation.

Our equal priority areas within the branch include:

Individual expression; freelance commissions and your own agenda

Social arts; relational social art, event art, consultancy work, project work etc.

The programme focuses on liberal contemporary art and its manifold expressions. We use various mediums and techniques: film, multimedia and video art, painting, performance, graphics, photography, relational aesthetics (Community Art), drawing, sculpture, installation and room-related art, sound art etc.


The programme’s most important and primary objective is to enable the students to develop their own expression. There are no limits within liberal arts when it comes to individual thought and the desire to produce creative, visual solutions! Expression must not be steered by technical constraints! Your own ideas, thoughts, visions, and individual ethics must always lead and guide your way. The teacher’s role is to act as a guide and tutor.Study contents The courses (workshops) are combined with atelier studies: study periods when the students immerse themselves in their own work (both technically and thematically). Atelier studies are conducted via individual guidance.

In order to create continuity and allow for concentration in the studies, the programme and course work are largely divided into study periods and larger course modules. This way, students get to focus on their own immersion and creation right from the start. This enables them to find their individual form of expression as quickly as possible and give them time to concentrate.

Contemporary art is a core concept in the studies. It encompasses a wide range of art forms and techniques. Art is communication using a variety of forms and expressions. Students should be able to choose and utilize “the best bits” in order to create their own profiles. In parallel with the actual practice of art, the students study theoretical subjects that shed light on art and society from different perspectives.

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Yrkeshögskolan Novia

Yrkeshögskolan Novia

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