Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | full-time studies

What competence does the graduate have?

Studies in Business Administration (BBA) provide a comprehensive knowledge and skill-base for those wanting to build a career in global business. The degree studies cover all main aspects of international business operations including marketing and sales, accounting and finance, human resource management, international trade, digital business, project management, logistics, supply chain management, data analysis, business law, and economics. Graduates of a Bachelor of Business Administration programme have a wide range of business skills, good communication and intercultural skills as well as good language skills.

During their BBA studies students will learn to analyse business operations and markets and to develop new business processes. The students’ intercultural teamworking skills are developed with a variety of team-based learning approaches such as group work and assignments, research and development assignments with companies, and case studies.

A 30 ECTS internship in the business field is an important part of the studies allowing students to gain work experience and put their theoretical know-how to practise. International BBA programmes also often include a university exchange period abroad, which further prepares students for international careers. The internship and exchange studies enable students to start creating their international networks already during their studies. Students of BBA programmes come from diverse backgrounds all over the world allowing everyone to develop their intercultural skills even while studying on campus in Finland.

Universities of Applied Sciences provide BBA programmes in International Business, Business Service Solutions and Languages, Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership, Esports Business, European Business Administration, Digital International Business, International Business and Logistics, and Aviation Business.

What kind of learning methods are used in the education?

The studies consist of a combination of various learning methods such as contact teaching in the classroom, online studies, team assignments, project work for companies and lectures from visiting professionals or academics. The variety of learning methods will help students combine theoretical business studies with learning by doing.

Students are highly recommended (or required) to complete an international university exchange as part of their studies. International double degree programmes, where students study partly in Finland and partly in a partner university abroad gaining degrees from both universities, are also available in many degree programmes.

BBA programmes are taught in English. Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in English in academic and business settings. Other foreign language studies are also encouraged and often required.

Part-time programmes (evening studies) are available in some UASs for those already in the working life wanting an academic business qualification and to further develop their business competencies.
In some UASs it is also possible to study the degree fully online.

What kind of career opportunities does the graduate have?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration enables graduates to work in a variety of business positions in an international environment in Finland or abroad. Many graduates have also started their own business.

Position titles of graduates include:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Human Resource Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Business Controller
  • Financial Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Entrepreneur

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