Degree Programme in Business Administration | Bachelor of Business Administration

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Degree Programme in Business Administration | Bachelor of Business Administration

Degree Programme in Business Administration | Bachelor of Business Administration

Haluatko opiskella BBA- eli tradenomi (AMK) -tutkinnon englanniksi? Hae Business Admnistration -koulutukseen! Koulutus tarjoaa sinulle mahdollisuuden opiskella liiketaloutta monikulttuurisessa ympäristössä. 

Would you like to be a marketing manager in a fast-growing IT company in Finland, a business strategy consultant in the EU, an international sales manager in Singapore or start up your own business? These are examples of some of the positions our Business Administration programme may open for you. In this programme you will study in an authentic international context, which gives you a good starting point for a local or global career focusing on business operations.

The Business Administration programme at Turku University of Applied Sciences provides an interactive way of acquiring a BBA degree in English. Our programme is based on a framework which creates a balanced implementation of pedagogy, technology, and content. Together we develop knowledge and skills through interactive teaching sessions, working in multicultural study teams with authentic real-life projects and working life oriented methods, guided by experienced teaching staff. You will learn key business skills in essential management contexts. Build your career with modules in Marketing, Sales, Management and Finance.

Study contents

The Business Administration curriculum consists of basic and professional studies, optional studies, practical training and Bachelor's thesis. 

In the basic studies, you will obtain the foundation for your professional competence and the abilities for higher education studies. For example, you will learn the basics of business and marketing operations and you will study language and communication skills.

In the professional studies, you will achieve key business competences required for working in different fields of business. For example, you will study modules in marketing, sales, management, and finance. You can also deepen your competence by participating in ongoing development projects.

In the practical training, you will combine the knowledge from the theoretical professional studies with practice as you practice the skills needed in work. The first practical training will take place at the end of the first year of studies. During your studies, you will spend approx. a total of 20 weeks in practical training.

In the thesis, you will increase your abilities to work systematically, solve problems while planning for a long-term project and carrying it out independently. You will learn to acquire and analyze information and apply it into practice, justify your decisions, make conclusions and suggestions for practical development, and document and evaluate the information produced and the methods used.


Applying to the degree programme takes place through an online joint application system at

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Tradenomi)

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