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Bachelor of Natural Resources | Sustainable Coastal Management | full-time-studies

Yrkeshögskolan Novia
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Bachelor of Natural Resources | Sustainable Coastal Management | full-time-studies

Study objectives

The study programme, that is one of the few Bachelor Programmes in Europe focusing on Coastal issues, prepares students for working with issues that actually matters. The student will in particular be able to:

  • Analyze environmental challenges and give suggestions for constructive solutions to the sometimes wicked problems.
  • Understand the interplay of natural resource management issues and the environment.
  • Recognize the potential of the Bioeconomy sector, with particular focus on how new innovation can both contribute to solving environmental challenges and enhance the economy.

The curriculum is multidisciplinary and places equal focus on Environmental and Social Sciences and explores the links between coastal problems and other challenges that our planet is facing currently such as marine pollution, deforestation, waste water management etc.

Active learning and practical training are seen as keys to success for developing self-reflecting and able professionals that can interact in truly multi-cultural teams. The students are more responsible for their own learning and in that way they develop entrepreneurial skills and pro-activeness which enables them to easier place themselves on the work market

Study contents

Special focus is put on the coastal area and on the Baltic Sea as a case study, but the programme gives a broad environmental understanding that is useful in a broad spectrum of environmental careers. The curriculum consists of courses like Coastal Ecology, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment and Fisheries Resource Management.

Some courses are project based as for example Sustainable Coastal Management, Bioeconomy Innovation and GIS project. In several courses students visit real companies, NGOs and other organizations and they also complete practical training in relevant organization of their own choice.

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Bachelor of Natural Resources, Ympäristösuunnittelija (AMK)

Yrkeshögskolan Novia

Yrkeshögskolan Novia

Yrkeshögskolan Novias verksamhetsområde finns längs den finlandssvenska kusten. Novia är verksam inom flera branscher, betydelsefull i Svenskfinland med verksamhet i Vasa, Åbo, Raseborg och Jakobstad. Med sina 4500 studerande och en personalstyrka som består av ca 300 personer är högskolan...

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Yrkeshögskolan Novia

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