Bachelor of Engineering | Information Technology | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Engineering | Information Technology | full-time studies

In today's world, IT technology is everywhere, both in small embedded devices and in fully digitized services in the cloud. Digitalization has simplified and made it easier to do our jobs. All these systems, and the need for new innovations, are created by programming and systems experts. The systems should work in mobile devices, in computers, and be accessible via the cloud. The systems must be secure, while at the same time being easy to use. To meet these needs, more IT engineers are needed.

Do you want to become one of those experts who take on IT-related challenges? At Novia, you can study for a degree in the Information Technology programme, which is a modern and exciting education with flexible study forms.

The competencies given include knowledge of cloud-based solutions, IoT data acquisition systems, AI-based algorithms, business systems based on Big Data and 3D visualization of the results in an easy and understandable way. Within these competencies, the focus is on how to solve the challenges by programming. In addition to the programming itself, you also learn how to manage the development process itself, how to digitize and present data, and how to take into account the customer's needs. This also includes the technical competencies such as networks and databases.

Terms such as Devops, Scrum, Front-End/Back-End, IoT, BI/AI, Web, Mobile and cloud-based solutions thus become part of your workday. You'll also learn how to deploy solutions to customers and how to maintain those solutions. In the training, you can also choose at least one free module to create your own knowledge profile!



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Bachelor of Engineering

Yrkeshögskolan Novia

Yrkeshögskolan Novia

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