Degree programme in Social Services | Bachelor of Social Services | Early Childhood Education | full-time

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Degree programme in Social Services

Degree programme in Social Services | Bachelor of Social Services | Early Childhood Education | full-time

The Bachelor’s degree in Social Services provides students with extensive abilities to work as social service professionals in social services and early childhood education, as well as in various roles in counselling, education, planning and development in health and wellness services. 

The objective of the studies is to train creative and socially aware social service and early childhood education professionals who have reflective skills and a strong professional identity, and who value their own professional skills. Bachelor of Social Services graduates have the basic skills for supervisor work and entrepreneurship. The degree also prepares students for lifelong learning and further studies that lead to a Master’s degree at a university or university of applied sciences, for example.

Studies combine theory and practice

The Bachelor of Social Services degree consists of core competence and complementary competence studies. The studies include a thesis, practical training periods and optional studies. The degree programme is 210 credits (ECTS) and planned duration is 3.5 years.

The Bachelor of Social Services studies combine theory and practice with an exploratory approach. A key tool in professional development is reflection, which means that students take the time to critically examine and evaluate their actions. During their studies, students apply theories and research knowledge to practice in their practical training and project and development assignments.

Close cooperation with various working life partners ensures that Bachelor of Social Services students receive the best possible support and education for their future profession in different fields of social services.

At Turku University of Applied Sciences, we work as a community and follow the principles of innovation pedagogy (Innopeda®). Innovation pedagogy combines learning with research, development and innovation activities. Learning is regarded as a process of building knowledge in social interaction with other people in various learning environments. Students’ active role in the development of their learning plays a central part.

Wide range of work opportunities

When you work as a Bachelor of Social Services in early childhood education, you have a social pedagogical approach to your work. You promote the fulfilment of children’s rights and understand the importance of a safe growth environment for children’s overall well-being. You offer dialogical education, which is guided by the principle of supporting children to grow as individuals and as members of a community. 

As an expert on social services, you support children’s social inclusion and sense of community, offer support to their guardians and work in multi-professional work communities and networks. You understand the effects of societal changes on the lives of families with children, and you have broad knowledge of family services, so that you can contribute to preventing the disadvantage and marginalization of children and families.

Under the Act on Social Welfare Professionals (817/2015), the Bachelor of Social Services is a protected and licensed professional title in Finland. Those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services in Finland may apply for the right to practice a social service profession as a licensed professional from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

Those students who complete early childhood education studies may work as social pedagogues in early childhood education and care. When they graduate, they must apply for their degree certificate and the qualification as a social pedagogue in early childhood education and care separately.

Admission requirements

Applying to the degree programme takes place through an online joint application system at

Degree / diploma

Bachelor of Social Services

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