Master's Degree Programme in Energy Engineering

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Master's Degree Programme in Energy Engineering

Master's Degree Programme in Energy Engineering

The focus of the Master’s Degree Programme in Energy Engineering is to educate professionals in engineering and business management in the field of international energy engineering projects. The aim of the programme is to create highly skilled specialists for the following fields of expertise: managing international technology projects and supply chains, developing advanced energy production systems, intercultural communication and language skills, and specialized themes in engineering.

Curriculum of degree programme in energy engineering has been drawn up, so that 

  • the degree produces the degree of competence required in work life 
  • the education ensures the development of the student’s expertise
  • the education enhances lifelong learning.

The student

  • draws up to support his/her studies an individual study plan in which earlier acquired competence is identified 
  • is responsible for the progression of his/her studies.

Savonia’s teachers and other personnel facilitate and support in the defining and achieving of individual goals. The student starts the planning of the thesis in during the first semester.

The competence objective is that the student is able to evaluate and make use of national and international networks. In addition, she/he creates multiprofessional partnerships in energy technology field. She/he is able to direct and develop partnerships and brings one’s expertise in interdisciplinary networks/groups.

Study contents

Master of Energy Engineerin is 60 ECTS and the degree can be completed in 1,5 – 2 years. The curriculum consist of advanced professional studies 20 ECTS, optional studies 10 ECTS and thesis 30 ECTS.

At the beginning of the studies you will choose 30 ECTS from common and field-specific professional studies in accordance with your personal study and career plan. You will receive guidance and counselling from the responsible teacher of the programme as well as from other members of Savonia staff in view of defining and achieving your personal goals.

Admission Requirements

Applying in joint application in 

You can apply to Savonia UAS Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering if you have completed Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or another appropriate Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree. Also you can apply if you have completed an old vocational degree in Finland (vanhamuotoinen opistoasteen tutkinto tai ammatillisen korkea-asteen tutkinto). In addition, you must have at least two years (24 months) of work experience after graduation.

Degree / diploma

Master of Engineering

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