Bachelor of Maritime Management | Sea Captain | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Maritime Management | Sea Captain | full-time studies


Maritime industry offers one of the most exciting and diverse career paths for anyone who aspires to become a member of a seafaring crew through completing the required certificates of proficiency. Maritime academies in Scandinavia have a long reputation for delivering an outstanding curriculum, which prepares students for finding their own niche in the field. Thus, seafarers with a Scandinavian degree in Maritime Studies are in high demand, especially for management level /Deck Officer/ positions. Depending on their work experience they often work as officers, chief officers or Masters on board the ships. 

AHOT procedure – identification and recognition of competence

The process of the identification and recognition of competences (AHOT) is a procedure, through which the student can get earlier studies or competences or for example work experience included in the degree. Students don’t have to study again skills or other things they have studied/acquired earlier or during the present studies.

Students can apply for identification and recognition of competence throughout their studies and the academic year. There is no limit for the number of credits which can be identified and recognised. However, the thesis remains outside this process. AHOT procedure is always initiated by the student.

Koulutuksen sisältö

Your studies will include:

  • Navigation and Ship Handling
  • Shipping Technology and Shipping Economics
  • Seamanship and Leadership Skills
  • Ship Service and Maintenance and Ship Building
  • Ship Engines and Technical Systems
  • GOC
  • Maritime Law and Legislation
  • Ship Safety and Emergency Management

While proceeding in your studies you gradually learn to work in a challenging environment and to make quick decisions.  You will also get used to the special demands of life at sea, such as being able to adapt to different situations, to take responsibility and to be flexible.

Progress of studies:

Maritime Studies in SAMK comply with the standards set for the contents of the training by the international conventions (STCW).  During your studies you have an opportunity to apply for an exchange program and earn credits (ECTS) while studying abroad in any of the partner schools of SAMK. Onboard training can also be completed partly or entirely abroad.

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Bachelor of Maritime Management, Merikapteeni (AMK)

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu

Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulun löydät länsirannikolta meren ääreltä ja Kokemäenjoen rannalta. Neljällä paikkakunnalla voit opiskella yli 30 koulutuksessa. SAMKin modernit kampukset luovat mahtavan pohjan käytännönläheiselle opiskelulle. Jokaisella alalla tehdään paljon yritysyhteistyötä erilaisissa projekteissa, joissa pääset ratkomaan aitoja työelämän ongelmia soveltamalla teoriaa käytäntöön....

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