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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | full-time studies

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu
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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | full-time studies

Study objectives

Lapland UAS- Lapin amk the IB programme educates specialists and experts with an innovative and entrepreneur-like attitude for a variety of jobs in the northern business environment. The programme is designed for those who wish to develop their skills in creating responsible business opportunities  now and in the future. The programme focuses on developing know-how for innovative business service opportunities, particularly in SMEs operating in northern and peripheral areas, but it is suitable for other international students as well. 

The advantage of the programme is its unique environment. Students study in a multinational student group, in an innovative learning environment that combines theory and practice and modern facilities with advanced technologies that support effective learning. The studies are implemented in close co-operation with the working life of different industries in the region. The programme encourages development and implementation of innovative, responsible business ideas in joint projects with businesses, locally and across borders.  

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Study contents

Students learn basic skills relevant for work in business, such as marketing, financial management, law, business communication and project planning. Their knowledge deepens in innovative, responsible business projects while they work together with local businesses. During their studies students learn to recognise the challenges particularly of small companies operating in the northern regions and to find new approaches to business development. Students learn about the possibilities of establishing their own business. Students can improve their international skills by studying or completing practical training abroad. 

 The IB programme provides students with extensive and balanced professional skills in the field of responsible business services and cross-border and cross-cultural communication in the region defined as the Northern Dimension. Students obtain skills for understanding the functions and processes of enterprises operating in the region and the special characteristics of the peripheral environment. The focus of professional specialisation is not only on new business opportunities, but also on observing the needs of existing enterprises in subcontracting or outsourcing specific services that support their core business. 

Learning also takes place in diverse, changing environments consisting of laboratories, virtual surroundings, environments offered by international partners, working life and research, development and innovation projects. Coaching is a key pedagogical philosophy applied in the programme to promote innovative learning. The aim is to focus teaching to meet the diverse needs of the students. Multiform learning: A form of learning in which studies are comprised of contact teaching hours, distance studies and independent studies. Students’ independent work often forms the bulk of studies and is supported by distance and contact teaching and guidance. Multiform studies make diverse use of information and communication technology (e.g. audio teaching, working online, e-mail, and guidance by means of learning exercises). Multiform teaching also uses distance teaching tools to bring studies to areas outside of university localities (e-primer). Contact teaching is the conventional face-to-face form of teaching (e-primer). 

Learning by working together with real business life is one of the main aims of the programme. It is implemented by means of various course assignments as well as practical training and joint projects with working life. 

You will study in Rovaniemi, in the international atmosphere in Finnish Lapland. You will learn to work in multicultural teams and start creating professional networks already during your studies.  


1st year: Business Freshman 
Orientation to local and global business environments - The student is able to recognize business environment specifics in the northern areas. He/she has knowledge of the Barents Euro-Arctic region: geopolitical, sociocultural, economic, ecologic etc. aspects. He/she understands the concept of sustainable development knows ethical factors of the work environment in the North. The student is able to work and communicate efficiently in the international environment and international teams in English and use the ICT tools. The student has a holistic understanding of business processes and understands possibilities of entrepreneurship in one's own field. He/she knows basic principles of marketing and he/she is able to retrieve, understand and apply business related legal information. He/she is able to perform economic analyses based on the key economic and financial analysis concepts. The student is able to apply research results for innovation and create and apply a small project plan. 

2nd year: Business Assistant 
Responsible business and service management - The student gains deeper knowledge on marketing, financial accounting as well as ICT and product development and is able use the information in the managerial decision process. He/she understands the HRM process and is able to apply the labour legislation and collective agreements in business situations. He/she is able to distinguish role of leadership role in an organization and are able to apply leadership skills in different business situations. He/she has a deeper knowledge on project lifecycles and is able to manage simple project based on created project plan. He/she is able to apply various project management tools in a real project work 

3rd year: Business Innovator 
Innovation and entrepreneurship - The student is able to apply various innovation tools and methods for service and entrepreneurship development. The student is able to identify key principles of innovations and the significance of innovations and creativeness in an entrepreneurship. The student develops his/her knowledge in the main IP rights. He/she develops his/her knowledge on management accounting and finance. The student is able to compile a preliminary business plan for a small company based on the information gathered during the studies. During the 3rd study year he/she can advance his/her business knowledge and skills by studying in a partner institution abroad. 

4th year: Business Developer 
Regional innovative business development - The student has in-depth knowledge on how to apply ICT and marketing tools for regional and international business development. Student shows his/her ability to apply what they have learned by solving a professional problem and developing their professional field by writing a Bachelor thesis on his/her chosen field of studies. 


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Bachelor of Business Administration, Tradenomi (AMK)

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

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