Bachelor of Health Care | Paramedic | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Health Care | Paramedic | full-time studies

Bachelor's Degree Programme, Paramedic is 240 E meets the competence requirements of a future paramedic. The studies are based on researched knowledge that ensures the necessary theoretical and practical nursing skills.In the first study year, you will become acquainted with safe and ethical nursing in theory, practical exercises and the right client and patient situations. In addition, you will strengthen your knowledge acquisition and communication skills.

As your studies progress, you will learn a variety of skills needed in clinical work.  In your second study year, you will be able to apply what you have learned in basic first aid practice in an ambulance. At the end of the second academic year, an assessment of basic paramedic skills is held, and after that you can apply for summer work as a basic level paramedic.

During the last two years, you will study more about paramedics and special issues in nursing, such as childcare, emergency care and intensive care. The main emphasis is on nursing paramedic studies, co-operation with authorities and situation management in emergency care.

At the end of your studies, you will complete a nationwide nursing exam and demonstrate your skills in simulated emergency care situations. Paramedical training also includes the studies required for the work of a general nurse. At LAB, nurse training focuses on strong clinical expertise and patient safety, whose expertise is reinforced throughout our studies at our modern simulation center.

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