Bachelor of Engineering | Sustainable Solutions Engineering | online studies

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Bachelor of Engineering | Sustainable Solutions Engineering | online studies

At the beginning of the studies you get familiar with the principles of natural and physical sciences, environmental technology, circular economy and sustainable development, as well as their interaction with climate change, biological and technological cycles. These forms the foundation to deepen your competence development during your further studies. The professional studies include the topics, such as resource and material efficiency, digital tools, quality and project management, built environment, product design and responsible business relevant in the perspective of sustainable solutions and circular economy.

During your studies you have a chance to deepen your knowledge in the selected topics during internship (30 ECTSs is obligatory) and doing your final thesis, as well as in the different applied development projects and online studies. One of the main learning outcomes is the development of entrepreneurial and teamworking skills. This will enhance your ability to figure out business and development challenges to advance your own career opportunities and working life. In our renewed circular economy and material laboratories and projects, done with the close connections of working life, gives you also the opportunity to test ideas in practice.

We will encourage you to complete your studies with different methods of learning as the structure of our curriculum is flexible. The whole degree is possible to be studied online. However, we will also organize 15 ECTS modules as optional studies in which you can participate in our Lahti campus, Finland. Each of these modules are arranged in two months periods, which makes the entry more flexible. Furthermore, our different intensive weeks such as Summer and Winter Schools as well as other degree programme courses are available for you. Moreover, the wide variety of different online courses will help you to arrange your own schedule.

The degree programme of Sustainable Solutions Engineering is built up on a strong knowledge and needs to face up the main future challenges of our time, climate change and sustainability crises. To study in the LAB University of Applied Sciences is very flexible but challenging. Due to the structure of our curriculum and pedagogical methods we can quickly adapt to different situations and needs. Our new campus and circular economy laboratories offer you also the possibility to deepen your knowledge in practice as well. We have very good international and national networks with other universities and working life which will promote your career development in many ways. Every student has a chance to participate in student exchange in one of our partner universities.

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